Eric Russo

Been in technology for over 17 years  Wrote my first piece of code when I was 11 (loved BASIC!).  Started by career as a Web Developer for a small start up in Las Vegas, NV.  Those were the times!  Trying to convince companies that they needed a website in the mid 90s.  Found my way to becoming a SQL Server Database Administrator, which lead to my position as the Global Practice Leader for SQL Server and MySQL at Datavail

I’ve had this website over the last 17 years or so and it has changed a lot through time.  Lately it has been more of a Twitter style feed, but I am working on getting better on keeping it up to date. I will be updating this site with things that I am interested in which includes, work, snowboarding, karate, hanging out with my kids, movies, technology, etc.

Disclaimer: This website does not reflect the views of my employer